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The undergraduate department of Biochemistry was established in the year 1998 in our college. It is the study of the various chemical reactions occurring in a living organism, from the unicellular bacteria, virus to bigger organisms such as plants, animals and human beings. The department is striving to impart higher education to the rural and underprivileged women students in and around Madurai. We have a well equipped laboratory.



  • Our department produces University ranks every year.

  • Placement in companies.

  • Students of our department have won the overall shield in the science

      exhibition based on medical         

      awareness conducted by Devadoss          Hospital during October, 2019.

  • Staff and Students update their knowledge by attending Seminars,

     Workshops and Faculty development        programmes.

To encourage and facilitate the young minds in the field of Biochemistry, relating
the basic concepts of biological, medical and environmental aspects which helps
them to live a life in harmony with nature.


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